PCR Thermal Cycler Open Source Solution

How about OpenPCR ?

An open source solution for development of PCR thermal cyclers
Open source movement is an old hat with respect to computer software but since the last two years there is a similar trend among molecular biologists interested in DNA testing. In fact, there is growing support for a project that provides information about the elaborate technology behind PCR thermal cyclers. There are encouraging signs that open source constructed PCR thermal cyclers could become a reality soon.

How much would OpenPCR cost ?

The Californian biologists Tito Jankowski and Josh Perfetto took matters into their own hands and collected more than $10,500 for their project OpenPCR. Here they launch an open source PCR machine that is financially attractive enough to inspire scientists to develop their own thermal cycler. Open PCR aims to provide this open source PCR thermal cycler for less than $400 – an astonishing price for an instrument that usually costs more than $4,000!

Jankowski and Perfetto state that their project OpenPCR will give interested users the possibility to undertake various experiments involving DNA. For example, food and plants could be tested for the presence of genetically modified organisms and even human genomes can be investigated.

How to become a part of OpenPCR ?

Interested in becoming part of the project or in the PCR thermal cycler itself? Just visit the OpenPCR kickstarter page to learn more.

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